Lessons from the Campfire

I’m not a die-hard camper. But I do love camping with my kids. Man, there are so many interesting things happening in nature that in my daily life as a tech-loving, kid shuffling, urban planted mom, I am missing out of. But twice a year I get to slow down and see the world from a new perspective when I camp with my daughter’s school. Yes, they pile the kids into buses and take them around Kansas and Oklahoma to experience nature.

Here are a few highlights from our trip this past week…

5. I saw a scorpion, in the wild! It was tiny but still creepy. What an amazing little critter that is.

4. Meeting new parents and getting to know other parents better. These fellow camp warriors are quick to help the teachers with anything, will make sure your kid doesn’t fall off the rocks and will make you laugh at the campfire.

3. I saw a tarantula in the wild! It was creepy and disconcerting to see outside, in actual nature. I don’t know where I thought these phobia inducing creatures lived, but it wasn’t Oklahoma. *shudders*


2. The stars. Anytime I can get far enough away from city lights to see more than a dozen stars I am amazed and in awe. Wow. The beauty and wonder of our universe is jaw-dropping. I wished my little astronomer was there to enjoy it too.

1. The kiddos. There is something about camping with kids that makes you appreciate the littlest details. Kids light up when they see a new animal or insect. They are eager to hike and blaze new trails. They laugh and love. I am incredibly blessed to get to be the momma of one of these campers and a camp-momma to the rest. As we were driving through Wooloroc in Oklahoma, Elizabeth looked at me and said, “This is the best day ever and I get to spend it with you, Mom! Thank you!” I seriously almost cried. I love my kids fiercely and my love bucket is filled daily with comments like that. Lord, thank YOU!



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