Plus Size Yoga


It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. In the past several years I’ve tried to get more serious about my health and more proactive with fitness. This brings me to Beginner’s Yoga at the Y. When my friend Michelle suggested we go to this class, my first instinct (as usual) is to scoff and think, NO WAY IN HELL CAN I DO THAT. But, I’m trying to fight that instinct and agreed to go to yoga last week. Of course, because it was my first time, I was late. And Michelle, being the awesome friend she is had grabbed a mat for me and all my supplies were ready…at the front of the class. As we started I realized that I could actually do most of what the super-limber-pretzel-zen teacher showed us to do at this beginner level. He of course demonstrated some harder poses, but I refrained from maxing out my health insurance by keeping it basic.

I’ve always been fairly limber, especially for an overweight person. But I admit, I do get self-conscious. It’s hard to be overweight in this world and not be self conscious. I usually notice when I’m the biggest person in the room. And at yoga, I was. But it’s okay. I am past not trying new things because I’m worried about how I will look. If someone has an issue with me doing down dog in front of them, they can move. If my cobra offends, sorry Charlie, I’m getting healthy no matter what it takes. After last week I was actually more concerned about the state of my super cracked heels than my body shape. I did remedy the heels, by the way. I mean, cracked heels are way easier to fix than a BMI.

Yoga was relaxing. My head hurt today afterward but that has more to do with my allergies and less to do with sudden enlightenment. But I’m doing it. It would be great if there were a Plus Size yoga class filled with people in various stages of girth. But I do love the average Joe and Jane-ness of the Y. Most of the people in the class were like me – moms and dads, just trying to get and/or stay in shape.

Tonight some of the poses came a little easier than last week which surprised me. Afterward I feel strong and relaxed and definitely like a warrior, ready to take on my next new fitness challenge! So if you’re like me and you’ve been afraid to try something new, stop it. Open yourself up to new things. Don’t be afraid of looking silly. Get out there and LIVE LIFE. Big or little, pretty or plain, just make life happen for yourself!



One thought on “Plus Size Yoga

  1. So much love for this, and you, my friend. Always! “If my cobra offends.” The. Best.

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